Notable Alumni

Presidents of the United States

  • Rutherford B. Hayes

  • tHeodore Roosevelt

  • franklin Roosevelt

  • Gerald Ford

  • George H.W. Bush

  • George W. Bush

Members of ∆KE at Harvard

  • tHeodore Roosevelt, President of the United States, Medal of honor Recipient, & Nobel Laureate

  • franklin Roosevelt, President of the United States

  • John Franklin Enders, Nobel Laureate, Professor, & Father of Modern Vaccines

  • William Randolph Hearst, Newspaper Magnate

  • Robert Bacon, Secretary of State

  • Robert Todd Lincoln, Secretary of War

  • Henry Cabot Lodge, Senate Majority Leader

  • Nicholas Longworth, Speaker of the House

  • Owen Wister, Father of Western Fiction

  • Thomas W. Lamont, Banker & Donor of Lamont Library at Harvard

  • J.P. Morgan, Jr., financier & Banker

  • Rodolphe L. Agassiz, Polo CHampion

Other Notable Alumni

  • Dean Acheson, Secretary of State

  • Frank Batten, Founder of the Weather Channel

  • Alan Bean, Fourth Man on the Moon

  • Alfred S. Bloomingdale, father of the credit card

  • Melvin Dewey, Inventor of Dewey Decimal System

  • Herb Kelleher, Cofounder of Southwest Airlines

  • Robert E. Peary, First Man to Reach the North Pole

  • Cole Porter, Composer & musician

  • Dan Quayle, Vice President of the United States

  • Frederick W. Smith, Founder of FedEx

  • Sidney W. Souers, First Director of the CIA

  • Potter Stewart, Supreme Court Justice

Our noble fraternity has a long and distinguished history of providing the world with numerous political, sports, business, entertainment, medical and education leaders. I hope that DKE will continue this tradition and further build upon our rich legacy. As leaders of your respective chapters or alumni associations you are the standard bearers of our [173] years of excellence. Thank you for your continued diligent efforts to ensure a bright future for our Brotherhood.
— Vice-President Dan Quayle, ∆KE Psi Phi Brother